11 September 2014,

Reven Fellars

He responded immediately and graciously  and patiently when my son was unresponsive and I was close to melt-down He was reassuring during difficult times yet kept respect for confidentiality with my son utmost. I could relax with him on the job, knowing with his own personal knowledge of the haggard steps towards recovery, he could spot problems often in advance and alert me when necessary.

He is a proud, and devoted father and an inspirational keynote speaker on addiction.  I like him, and I trust him as he has placed my son’s health and recovery in the top priority where it must stay.  I am eternally grateful to him for the friendship he has shown my son and me and the example he has been.

As for my son, he says of Tommy, “Of everyone in my recovery Tommy has been the No. 1 constant.  He stuck with me day in and day out while helping me save my own life and he made me laugh along the way”.

Tommy is a consummate professional.  I recommend him highly.