Testimonials from Clients & Associates

It is my pleasure to recommend Tommy McAlinden. He did an exceptional job as the sober companion for a patient who had recently left rehab and needed a transitional step before living on his own.

Dr. L.B. NYC Ph D

To say that I am grateful for Tommy being a sober companion for my husband is an understatement. I didn't know how we were going to get my husband to rehab after detoxing in the hospital and did not know a sober companion was an option until someone in the hospital suggested it...

Janet C NYC

I have known Tommy for at least 5 years. My experience of him is most strickingly of his overall professionalism in his style with clients. He treats them with respect and care...

Robyn Cirillo Ph D

For the past two years while my son has been a client at a sober house in Williamsburg, Tommy McAlinden, in his many roles as house manager, interventionist, sober companion, watchdog, and parent liason, has been indispensable. He is tough, kind, funny, smart and a model of recovery...

Reven Fellars

Tommy was a sober companion to our young adult son about five years ago. Having a sober companion was a tough reality for our son and not something he wanted at the time. Tommy helped ease those tensions by being a calm, steady, supportive companion.

Sue V.


Sober Companion NYC is not a traditional rehab facility. It is a service designed to help those in recovery start to navigate mainstream society while still receiving addiction treatment. This firm provides sober companions to help those new to sobriety make it to appointments and avoid temptation. A sober companion can also help identify family behaviors that may be contributing to a co-dependent lifestyle. Sober Companion NYC can also offer assistance in finding sober living accommodations. The service is available nationwide and also performs interventions for drug and alcohol abuse...


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