Who we help

  • Families in crisis due to a loved one’s alcohol/drug abuse or other negative behavior.
  • Clinicians who are looking for additional support for their clients.
  • People who have had unsuccessful attempts at conventional rehab and want to try to work with a sober companion.
  • Individuals or families considering doing an intervention on a loved one. Our certified experienced interventionists can help.
  • We offer recovery coaching to family members and friends of people suffering from addiction issues and other negative behaviors.
  • Anyone seeking help for themselves or a loved one dealing with addiction issues.

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Recovery is possible.
Reaching out for help is the first step.

Thomas McAlinden NYS CCAR Recovery Coach

Thomas McAlinden
NYS CCAR Recovery Coach
Certified through the New York Certification Board




About the President & Founder

Thomas McAlinden is a native New Yorker with over 27 years of continuous sobriety.

After suffering for years with his own addiction he was able to get sober and has stayed sober since 1994. Thomas still regularly attends recovery meetings and has made helping others a vitally important part of his life.

Helping families do interventions and working as a sober companion since 2010 has given him valuable experience in the alcohol and drug abuse field. Thomas also has managed sober living facilities in Brooklyn, NY. Providing sober transport to appointments and rehabilitation centers is also part of his resume.

He has vast experience navigating not only New York City but the entire country. He has a network of rehabs, clinicians, therapists, interventionists and sober coaches that he relies on to assist him with his clients. Thomas is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you and your families. The staff he employs are all in recovery themselves. What better person to help someone with addiction issues than someone who has been there! Thomas has highly trained female companions to assist him with his female clients. He can give families help not only with alcohol and drug issues but with a wide range of addictive disorders. Thomas has clients from their teens to well into the older population.

If you are an executive on Wall Street or a younger person in the suburbs,please feel free to call Sober Companion NYC for help.

Although Thomas is based in NYC he offers his services around the country.
Please read the testimonials page on this website to help you decide if Thomas can help you.
*All calls to Sober Companion NYC are strictly confidential*

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