1.  What is addiction?

To put in layman”s terms, addiction is the physical and psychological need to continue using a substance, despite its harmful or dangerous effects. The most common signs of addiction are: severe loss of control, preoccupation with using, failed attempts to stop and continued use despite serious consequences. Addiction causes serious damage to families, relationships,workplaces and neighborhoods. The most severe forms of addiction require intensive treatment at either a hospital or rehabilitation center.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is defined as a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations.

A person does not necessarily have to use substances every day or for many years to show signs of an addiction problem.

The staff at Sober Companion NYC are all in long term recovery and know from personal experience the incredible toll addiction takes on individuals and families.


2.  What is a sober companion?

The primary job of a sober companion is to assist clients in early recovery to start a new life, free from drugs/alcohol or whatever negative behavior they need help with. It is important to note that a sober companion is not a clinician. They do, however, provide individualized non traditional treatment for alcohol/drug addiction.

The majority of the treatment is provided in the environment of the client, outside of the traditional setting of a detox or rehabilitation center. The majority of sober companions are in recovery themselves and can share their personal experience with addiction and can offer hope and guidance to clients in early recovery.

The first 90 days after initial treatment in a rehab or hospital are often the most fragile time for newly recovering people.The risk of relapse is always present but can be effectively reduced by hiring a professional sober companion.


3.  How will a sober companion help me?

A companion can help in a variety of ways.Many clients ask us how often and how many hours per day will my sober companion be with me. The answers to these questions can vary based on the needs of the individual client.Some clients only request part time companionship.

Our specialty at Sober Companion NYC is providing 24 hour companion services.

If you are returning home from rehabilitation treatment  we can be especially helpful. We can take treatment back home with you. The majority of relapses occur when clients return home and leave the safety of a secure, sterilized drug free environment.

 Here are some of the ways a sober companion can help:

– Ensure a drug/alcohol free environment, this includes private homes, personal vehicles, work offices, hotel rooms, etc.

– Sober Companion NYC can have a trained narcotics detection dog come to virtually any location to check for contraband.

– Safe transport to and from various appointments and locations throughout the day. We can provide a vehicle if requested by the client.

This is especially important for clients who will be living or working outside of their home state.

A companion can also provide safe reliable transport to treatment centers. The stress of navigating airports and highways during a crisis can be greatly reduced by having a professional experienced companion by your side.

– Help the client identify areas which may present triggers that could lead to relapse and discussing roadblocks that could hinder continued abstinence.

A companion can accompany clients to social, family, work gatherings that could possibly pose a threat to their sobriety/abstinence.

– Assisting in locating and attending recovery meetings in the area where the client will live and work.

– The sober companion can perform periodic drug testing/ breathalyzer testing to keep the client accountable.

– Work in conjunction with the clients professional recovery support team. The team may include therapists, psychiatrists and physicians.

Sober Companion NYC can also help place clients with appropriate clinicians, if needed.

We have a vast network of experience professionals we refer clients to.

– Respecting clients confidentiality and performing our job as discreetly as possible are of the utmost importance to everyone at Sober Companion NYC.

– We try our best to place clients with age appropriate/gender appropriate companions at all times. Input and suggestions by concerned family members  are always taken into consideration.


4. What addictions/disorders can Sober Companion NYC help with?

Although it may appear that we work exclusively with clients who suffer from alcohol/drug use we are experienced with and can assist in other areas as well.

Among the areas we can help with are:

– Drug Addiction
– Alcoholism
– Dual Diagnosis
– Gambling
– Depression
– Eating Disorders
– Co-Occurring Disorders
– Anxiety
– Panic Disorders

We have  a network of highly experienced clinicians who work with us to help clients with a wide variety of addictions or negative behaviors.

We can also help place clients in the appropriate level of care that would best help them if that is required.