27 January 2020,



Sober Companion NYC is not a traditional rehab facility. It is a service designed to help those in recovery start to navigate mainstream society while still receiving addiction treatment. This firm provides sober companions to help those new to sobriety make it to appointments and avoid temptation. A sober companion can also help identify family behaviors that may be contributing to a co-dependent lifestyle. Sober Companion NYC can also offer assistance in finding sober living accommodations. The service is available nationwide and also performs interventions for drug and alcohol abuse.

What patients are saying:

One former client gives Sober Companion NYC a lot of credit, saying, “I had relapsed after extended sobriety and was trying to find my way back. I found it much more difficult than when I first got sober. I needed additional guidance and support. And, Tommy and Sober Companion NYC were there for me. Coming to meet me anywhere in the country. Staying with me. Taking me to meetings. Transporting me to rehab or other services. Sober Companion NYC made all the difference and helped me get my life back on track.”