August 12, 2015

Family Intervention – How It Works

Sometimes when the alcoholic’s problems reach the crisis level, the only choice left to his family is professional intervention. What is intervention? Basically it comes down […]
July 21, 2015

As Overdose Numbers Rise, is Heroin the New Killer?

The influx of heroin is typically seen as a local or regional problem, but the issue may finally be taking its rightful place on the national […]
July 1, 2015

6 Basic Questions to Ask When Seeking a Sober Living Community

Living in a sober living community can make a big impact on those committed to sobriety, especially if they’ve primarily used substances in social settings in […]
June 9, 2015

Sorry, that AA “study” is bullshit

I don’t care who published it. It’s wrong. And it could be the reason someone doesn’t try to get help. I’ll start by saying this: Alcoholics […]
May 7, 2015

Roommates in Sobriety

Find a Sober Roommate, today! Roommates in Sobriety is designed to help sober people find sober roommates.  Over the years, many families, clinicians and sober living […]
April 20, 2015

The Hangover Club | The Fix

The Hangover Club All of these “morning-after instant Dr. Feelgood IV cures” remove what generations of evolution built in for our own good: consequences.  Alcohol is […]