20 September 2016

Doctors Who Treat Opioid Addiction Often See Very Few Patients

20 September 2016,

Many people struggling with opioid addiction can’t find a doctor to provide medication-assisted treatment, even though it’s highly effective. One reason could be that […]

7 September 2016

Risky alone, deadly together

7 September 2016,

https://videos.posttv.com/washpost-production/The_Washington_Post/20160824/57bda494e4b0489c5a4a1a82/57c64090e4b0263d203159a9_1439399835595-cf9g26_t_1472610544575_1280_720_2000.mp4 Overdosing on prescription drug combinations plays a part in the growing rates of premature death among In Bakersfield, Calif. Karen Franklin leans against […]