21 March 2016

Doctors should pause before dismissing the ‘12 steps’ approach to addiction

21 March 2016,

People participate in an alcohol-related group in Colorado in 2014. (Matthew Staver/For The Washington Post) By Jessica Gregg   Jessica Gregg is medical director […]

7 March 2016

Kids and Inhalants: What You Need to Know

7 March 2016,

As harmless as a bottle of nail polish or a felt tip marker may seem, these household products actually belong to a list of […]

2 March 2016

Thirsty: NYPD Will No Longer Arrest People Drinking in Public

2 March 2016,

Sara Sherr    on March 2, 2016 Getting arrested for drinking in public is lame. You’re just trying to have a good time, and the […]