27 December 2016

Aging And Addicted: The Opioid Epidemic Effects Older Adults, Too : Shots – Health News : NPR

27 December 2016,

John Evard, 70, at the Las Vegas Recovery Center last July. Evard, a retired tax attorney, checked into a rehabilitation program to help him […]

21 November 2016

Everything you need to know to choose the right rehab – LA Times

21 November 2016,

Choosing an addiction treatment program for a loved one can literally be a matter of life or death — a decision impacting not only […]

3 November 2016

Depression Diagnosis and Screening: What Doctors Look For

3 November 2016,

Depression Diagnosis   Are you concerned about depression? Do you wonder how doctors are able to make an accurate depression diagnosis?It used to be […]

13 October 2016

Why This Doctor Believes Addictions Start In Childhood

13 October 2016,

Understanding the root causes of addiction can help us to better treat it. The Huffington Post Renowned Vancouver physician Dr. Gabor Maté explains what he […]

20 September 2016

Doctors Who Treat Opioid Addiction Often See Very Few Patients

20 September 2016,

Many people struggling with opioid addiction can’t find a doctor to provide medication-assisted treatment, even though it’s highly effective. One reason could be that […]

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